gose. N. /g?se / hunger 1. the feeling caused by a need to eat 2. a strong desire for something

GOSE are an Arrasate-Mondragón (Basque Country) based trio formed by Ines Osinaga (singer and accordion), Iñaki Bengoa (percussion and programming) and Osoron (guitarist and bassist). Gose began their silent journey in 2004, as a result of the trio sharing their musical ideas. The band merges accordion with electronic music.

Few ever imagined that a love story between the trikitrixa (Basque traditional folklore music) and electronics would have such a brilliant future.

The building blocks of their project were the Basque culture, language and music. Always from the other side of the computer screen, because that is what GOSE is; electronics and spirit.
GOSE is savoured, listened to, seen, tasted. Felt.

They base their music on a new concept of understanding the Trikitrixa, combining it with elements that are not typically connected to the instrument itself and thus obtaining a different result. GOSE blends Trikitrixa with electronics and obtains relaxed, elegant and malleable rhythms.

Always singing in Basque, as GOSE dreams and thinks in Basque.

GOSE means hunger and GOSE is hunger and human, and is hungry.

GOSE oozes electro-jazz, tango, lullabies, afro Brasilian percussion together with the tambourine, techno, punk and hard core, arin-arin (traditional Basque folkloric rhythm); but basically, and above all, the world of the Trikitrixa together with the energy of electronic sequences accompanied by a gentle and inviting voice. GOSE has revolutionized the traditional culture of the Basque Trikitritxa.


– 2005 –
- 2005, Presentation of the band’s first CD; gose I “Black”
-2006 –
- They write the main song for the Basque feature film Eutsi!. Two of their songs are included in the soundtrack of the movie.
– 2007 –
- Carlinhos Brown invites them to play with him in the 3 concerts he offers in his Spanish Tour in Madrid and in Valladolid where he is presenting his new LP.
- They record “The concerts of Radio 3” for Spanish national television and is aired on the second channel of Spanish national TV.
- They play outside the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao on the European music day.
– 2008 –
- In 2008, Mr. Carlos Pina from Spanish National radio (Radio3), asks them to his programme to play with Juliette Lewis.
- They play at the international WOMEX´08 fair invited by the Basque Government.
– 2009 -
- In 2009, they are nominated for Best Song in Basque that the Music Awards offer each year at the Academy of Arts and Science of Spanish Music.
-They take part in the centennial hymn of the Real Sociedad de futbol, the 25th anniversary of the Getxo Folk Festival…
- They are invited to the 8th Festival of culture in Diyarbakir (Kurdistán) where they perform before over 50.000 people. They were the only non-Kurd band to play at the festival.
– 2010 –
- Towards the end of this year, they go on tour in Japan where they offer 6 concerts.
- They publish GOSE IIII, CD+DVD. Where in addition to a documentary on their tour in Japan and a live performance of the band, the CD is a “compilation” of songs of other of GOSE’s albums interpreted by some of the best Basque musicians of all time. A true luxury: Fermin Muguruza, Oreka TX, Kutxi (Marea), Oskorri, Josu Zabala, Petti & Andoni, Makala Dj, Miren&Lipus, Naroa (Amaiur), Pirritx eta Porrotx & Bonberenea Txarangarekin, Gari, Mikel Urdangarin…
– 2011 –
- In 2011 GOSE writes the official song for the 17th edition of Korrika, a massive biannual party that crosses the Basque Country in support of the Basque language. And so, the last 20th of January they presented the song “Euskalakari” and video clip in Bilbao. This edition of the Korrika will begin on the 7th of April in Trebiño and will end on 17th of April in San Sebastian.
– 2013 –
- After 3 years without having recorded any new songs, on November 20th 2013 they present their 5th album; GOSE IIIII (orange). They seek a change in sound, and for this they approach the most renowned producers in techno music in Spain, SPAM. The end result is exactly what they had in mind.
- GOSE IIIII turns out to be the 2nd best seller in the 47th edition of the Durango culture market festival. Forever loyal to self production, setting up their own stand, etc… Without any help from studio labels.
- Presentation of the video clip of the song “Ezetz”, which is the first ever 3D video clip made in Basque. Directed by Mikel Clememte & Alphax.

- In January 2013 the concerts to present this 5th album will take place and they will be performing it throughout the year.