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KATUEN KANTUA Live Videoclip

Videoclip made with live footage, herbal recorded at Guggenheim Bilbao Museums Auditorium. 01-22-2015 GOSARIAK – J. Sarrionandia / Gose / I. Arregi & J.L. Goikolea -


Videoclip of the song “Zoroetxeko Harresia” extracted from the project GOSARIAK Screenplay & Directed by: Mikel Clemente / Actor: Ander Lipus / Photography: David Herranz / Graphic art: Antonio alPhax.   ON EGIN!

GOSARIAK Making of

Video piece composed with different launching videos of the project GOSARIAK. Available in the Durango´s Fair or on our web-shop: BUY NOW

Gose & The Family – Bonberenea sessions – HIL DA EUROPA

Live videoclip of the song “Hil Da Europa” included in the DVD “Gose & The Family – Bonberenea Sessions” produced by Bonberenea Ekintzak. This DVD includes the special show at the Pavilion of Bonberenea past 23rd of november. DVD available at: ON EGIN!

Videoclip 25th aniversary Ikasle Abertzaleak

New videoclip of the new song composed for the basque youth movement Ikasle Abertzaleak. Director – Mikel Clemente / Photography – David Herranz (2013)

Videoclip of Ezetz! song

Videoclip of the song Ezetz from the Gose IIIII disc Director – Mikel Clemente/Alphax Photography – David Herranz (2012)

XXX song live

Videoclip of Naizena izateko song

Videoclip of the song composed for GAZTEHGAM, directed by Aitor Oñederra (2011)

Korrika 17 – Euskalakari

Videoclip of the song composed for Korrika, order called Euskalakari (2011)

Surik bai?

Videoclip of the song Surik Bai?? from the Gose III disc, directed by David Herranz (2009)